General Pool Maintenance

Although pool pop up heads help considerably with the overall cleanliness and chemical balance of your pool, there are still some basic periodic guidelines to help one keep their water and pool floor and walls algae and dirt free.

No matter if you have cleaning jets, robotic pool cleaners, no popup heads at all, old or new pool filters, or a manual vacuum to assist in the overall cleanliness of your pool here are a few general tips one should know to preserve the sparkle and clarity of his or her pool:

  1. Your essential pool supplies are the following: Pool pumps, pool filters, pool covers, pool chemicals, and pool cleaners.
  2. Make sure your pH levels are between 7.2 or 7.8. pH is a system for measuring the ratio of acidity to alkalinity. You should check the pH levels of your pool daily. Below 7.2 your water is acidic. Above 7.8 and your water is basic.
  3.  You should shock your pool (Shocking is when you add large quantities of chlorine, also called superchlorination, to your pool). Depending on your pool size, temperature of your water, outside temperature, amount of use the pool gets, and the average number of swimmers that are in the pool on a regular basis, one should shock his pool every 1-4 weeks with about 5-10 times the normal dose of chlorine usually put into the pool.
  4. Remember to periodically clean your pool cover by washing away dry debris with a blower, and then using soap, water and a scrub brush to get away dirt and slime that may get in the crevices. Also, with standing water on the cover, be sure you drain it off with the use of water pump.
  5. To know when it is time to change a cartridge filter, check to see if the pressure is above 10 psi of when the filter is clean. If it is above 10 psi, then it is time to clean or change your cartridge filter.
  6. Pools with DE filters should be backwashed every 4 weeks or when the pressure rises above 5-10 pounds above the clean filter level, which ever comes first.
  7. If your swimming pool pump has a reading of 30-35 psi, this means you need to check that the valves of the pump are properly open and free from debris. Use a brush to clear away leaves, dirt and other debris around the vents of the cooling fans.






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