Although these jet pool cleaning popup systems are a wonderful way to clean your pool, after some time the chlorine in your pool will weaken the particular popup product you own and it will need to be replaced.

Depending on whether you have Polaris, Caretaker, or Zodiac pop up heads, you will need to make sure that you purchase the correct pool head replacement supplies and parts for that specific model and product.

Here are generic steps to remove and replace your pool popup (please check with your pool’s and pool popups’ manufacturer(s) for specific steps that may be required when replacing popup jets in your pool):

  1. Purchase a new pop up head, O-ring lubricant, and specific pool popup replacement tool from a pool supply store.
  2. Find your pool’s skimmer or cleaning brush.
  3. Take the handle of your pool’s skimmer or cleaning brush and attach the pool popup replacement tool to the end of the handle.
  4. The pool must be clear and the water needs to be perfectly still in order for you to ascertain where the broken popup is on your pool floor’s bottom. Simply turn the pool pump off to have this result.
  5. Bring the replacement tool, which is attached to the long pole of your skimmer, carefully to the head of the pool popup. Align the prongs of the replacement tool to the holes in the popup head’s outer ring and press firmly together. Twist tool to the left (for most brands) until the jet head rotates.
  6. Once you have rotated the broken popup jet head, remove the popup replacement tool out of your pool and turn the pool pump back on.
  7. BE AWARE: The broken popup jet will not dislodge attached to the replacement tool. As the pool cleaning system shoots water to the now loosened and rotated popup head, the pressure built up behind the broken head and its pieces will cause them to be ejected out of the pool floor’s area.
  8. Turn pool pump back to the off position.
  9. Take your new popup head and lubricate the O-ring part of it. Secure the new popup head onto the replacement tool and align the raised areas of the outer ring with the slots in the pool floor.
  10. Push and turn the new replacement popup head to the right with the tool.
  11. Turn the pool pump back on to make sure that your new pop up is working correctly.




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